Thursday, May 3, 2012

As of Lately. . .

Hello Readers!

My dusty car hit 100,000 miles! Crazy!

This is perhaps the start of the craziest part of each semester for students and educators. Last May, I experienced that craziness in both roles- and I am thankful to only be a educator this time around! But even this time around is still a bit hectic.

A lot has happened since my last post. Would you like to know what some of those things have been?

OK. . . bend my arm!

1) I went to a Jars of Clay concert with friends

2) I met with a former professor (one of my favorites!) and a former student (one of my favorites!) to catch up on life

3) I went to my first professional baseball game

4) I met one of my favorite authors

5) Helped plan and throw a surprise birthday for a friend

6) I applied to a bazillion or so jobs


Now you know that I am still alive! No worries folks, no worries! Hopefully you will hear more from me this weekend. . .

Have a very wonderful night!

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