Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ooo Laa Laa

Hello Readers!

I am really proud of this outfit. I wore it to church last Sunday, and then wore it again on Monday to teach, and for the drive home to the Peoria area. Normally, I don't wear outfits two days in a row- but since I wore the dress for only 2 hours on Sunday, I thought that a repeat was acceptable.

Recently I watched a lovely French movie called "Paris" (2008) starring Juliette Binoche (one of my favorite actresses), and this outfit makes me think of this movie. I'm not sure if this would be an outfit that Juliette's character would wear, but I can imagine an extra or a secondary character wearing this outfit somewhere in the movie: strolling in the streets of Paris, sipping a coffee or chai tea at a humble little cafe, or buying a baguette a boulangerie or a croissant at a patisserie. . . . you get the picture. :)

(But just in case you did not- here is another picture, followed by a picture from the movie, Paris)

Retail Details:
Black Cardigan: Zara
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Watercolor Dress & Black Belt: H&M
Black Tights: El Cortes Ingl├ęs
Black Leather Boots: Anne Klein
CZ Post Earrings: Merona (Target)

PS- In case you are interested in watching the movie, here is a trailer:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving: A Time for Family, and a Time for Fashion!

Greetings Readers!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did anyone travel for the holiday? I traveled home to Peoria on Monday afternoon and have been home ever since- reading, napping, and catching up with friends and family.

Ten years ago my family moved from Vancouver, BC to the Peoria area- a move that was difficult, but a move with outcomes that I appreciate greatly. One of the outcomes of this move, which I am very thankful for, is the opportunity to build relationships with family members who I used to see only once every three or four years. Now that I live in St. Louis, I only get to see them once or twice a month- but the time that I spend with them is very dear to me. And that is why I like holidays like Thanksgiving- because I get to spend time (quality time) with family.

Here I am with my cousins Liz and Kim at my grandparents' house

My cousin Matt, my cousin Liz, my Aunt Shelly, my Aunt Mary, me, and my Grandma

While fashion isn't an essential concern for family gatherings (well, with a few exceptions), or even for Thanksgiving, I like to put together outfits for occasions such as these. Not because I have to, not because I am supposed to- but because I like the mood and the anticipation that dressing up creates. Do you know what I mean? A cute outfit is like foreshadowing- it's like saying "hey- something important is about to happen"- and what could be more important than spending time with loved ones?

People who make us feel a bit crazy at times:

And people who bring balance to our lives:

This Thanksgiving, and every day of the year, I am thankful for the precious and powerful relationships I have with people in my life. People who continue to teach me about love, about grace, about laughter, and yes- even about fashion.

Here are the retail details:
White Rhinestone Headband: J. Crew
Necklace: Juicy Couture (on Market St. in San Francisco)
Light Blue Tee: Banana Republic
Winter White Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch (I recommend hand-washing this cardi)
Charcoal Skinny Belt: Ann Taylor
Navy Blue Draped Skirt: Anthropologie
Raspberry Tights: Hue
Brownish-Olivey Jeweled Flats: Via Spiga

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Stinking Rose: Outfit 3 from San Francisco

OK. . . one last outfit from San Fran, featuring two items that I bought in the City by the Bay. To celebrate the last night in town, I joined a large group of friends from grad school (who were also at the conference) at a restaurant called "The Stinking Rose." The company was great, the atmosphere was fun, and the food was OK- worth another try, but nothing spectacular (but I am not a food critic, just a picky eater).

Anyways, before The Stinking Rose, and before Ocean Beach, my friends Emily, Eric, and I started our last full day in San Francisco with a trip to Alamo Square to visit the Painted Ladies (houses featured in the opening credits of Full House), and then to an area known as Haight- Ashbury for lunch. After lunch, Emily and I parted ways with Eric and Brian to shop.

While shopping in this area, Emily and I stopped at Ambiance, a cute boutique with color-sorted clothing from a variety of designers and price points. While the clothing was cute, and the sales were great, the salespeople were a bit too pushy. At first the attention was great, but after an hour of being attended by a slew of salespeople, I was ready to get out of the shop! I wasn't going to buy anything, but on my way out I found a cute pair of off-white spectator pumps by Seychelles for 35 dollars and I couldn't resist the deal.

The other item featured in this post (purchased in San Fran) is a leopard-print blue blouse from Banana Republic. Normally I don't wear leopard print, but I felt daring and this shirt was another great deal that I couldn't resist. Also, I was running out of clean shirts to wear.

Full House!

More of Ocean Beach. . .

Oh Ocean Beach- how I miss you!

Here are some photos that my friend, and fellow TA, Emily took of me at the beach. Thanks Em!

The Ocean. . . is in my eyes!

I didn't know I was still this flexible!

Retail Details:
Dove Grey Headband: J. Crew
Sunglasses: Coach
Aqua, White, and Clear Post Earrings: Anthropologie
Charcoal Grey Necklace: Antique Store in Greenville, IL
Dusty Rose Rosette Tank: Deletta (Anthropologie)
Heathered Grey Lace Trim Cami: Gilly Hicks
Navy Blue Lace Trim Cami: American Eagle Outfitters
Winter White Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch
Charcoal Skinny Belt: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Martin & Osa
Sand in my toes: Courtesy of the State of California

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ocean Beach

Greetings Readers!

This post is not about clothing or fashion- it is about the beach and the ocean.

The last time I was at the beach, or anywhere near the ocean, was in April 2008. When I bought my plane ticket to San Francisco (ok, maybe a little bit before that point in time), I started to research beaches around the area. In my research, one beach stood out: Ocean Beach. Perhaps it was the name, or the promise of sand dollars and sand dunes, that made this a place that topped my list of attractions to visit while in San Francisco.

There's something about being near the ocean that I find so beautiful- a beauty that my heart knows and my words cannot explain. So, readers, with this in mind, I will leave you with some pictures from my visit to Ocean Beach. Enjoy!!!

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

San Francisco Outfit #1

Hello Readers!

Well, I made it back to St. Louis safely from a delightful stay in San Francisco, CA. The conference and the city were wonderful! The conference began on Sunday, and this was my outfit. Well, it was actually my second outfit (I had jeans on before, but felt underdressed and changed into the skirt and tights).

Here it is:

This picture was taken at the Anthropologie on Market Street in San Francisco (which was incredible!) Here are the retail details:

Dove grey jeweled headband: J. Crew
Charcoal grey scarf: Merona (Target)
Winter white cardigan with sparkly buttons: Abercrombie & Fitch
Charcoal grey patent belt: Ann Taylor
Khaki draped shirt: Anthropologie (it's been on here before)
Raspberry opaque tights: Hue (from Martin & Osa)
Olive jeweled flats: Via Spiga (from Nordstrom Rack in St. Louis)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upcoming Posts. . .

Hello Readers!

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks- those weeks have been super busy and hectic- but no need to fear! Within the next few days, I will have a post or two, featuring outfits from my trip to San Francisco, CA (for the National Communication Association annual conference).

Until then, here is a picture that I took of the city from Alcatraz: