Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orange YOU Stylish: Oxidation

Hello Readers!

I hope this post finds you in good spirits! Today, I wanted to share a recent outfit I wore to work featuring the color orange. As you know, the color orange strikes my heart with fear and hesitation each time I consider wearing it.
Look at all of that orange! Quinn Fabray is much braver than I !

There is a skirt in my wardrobe, the Wallflower Skirt by the ever-brilliant Tracy Reese, that just happens to be orange. This skirt trumped my fear of orange, and in purchasing and wearing it I am becoming more bold in my wardrobe choices. So bold, in fact, that I wore the skirt to work! Here it is:

Who can resist this skirt?
In an earlier post, I mentioned that most of the color matching I wear is inspired by colors found together in nature. Oxidation, a naturally occurring chemical reaction, turns copper from an orange-y hue to various shades of bluish greens and aquas.

Example? The statue of liberty. Once it was a coppery hue, now it is a lovely mint shade.

This image, found on google, shows an approximate simulation of how Lady Liberty looked initially, before oxidation set in. 
My outfit, as you may have already gathered, is inspired by this very process. I wore cream, off-white, and grey as neutrals to balance my combination of orange and aqua (if neutrals were on a periodic table of colors, I think I would classify them as noble gases). What a smart combo!

The entire day I wore this outfit I received compliments from strangers, students, and even a colleague or two! What a way to feel great wearing orange!

Orange YOU glad you read my blog? 
Thanks for reading!

PS- next week I am running a giveaway- stay tuned!!!

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