Monday, September 12, 2011

Orange YOU Stylish: Orange in Nature

Hello again Readers!

When it comes to mixing colors, I often look to nature for inspiration. Not always, but most of the time, what "goes" together in the natural world also "goes" together in fashion in decor. Let's think about that for a moment. . .

Delicate peachy oranges, sunset pinks, and dark greens
When we go to the ocean (my favorite place of inspiration) we find a variety of colors that combine and create portraits of that particular place. Normally, the portrait of an ocean is painted with shades of blue, green, grey, and tan. It isn't a surprise, then, that these colors coordinate easily with the clothing and artifacts we choose to wear in an outfit or the furniture and paints we choose to place in a room.

The color orange is a bit more difficult for me to place or understand because it isn't a color I see, or pay attention to at least, on a regular basis. Well. . . until I embarked on this project. Here are some examples:

An O'ahu sunset of orange, grey, violet-grey, and dark blue
Various shades of orange and brown in an array of fall leaves

A monarch butterfly- white, black, dark orange, light orange, and white.

The outcome of the oxidization process- orange, brown, mint green, aqua, turquoise, and green. For more details, see, where I found this photo
Later this week we will look at examples such as these to understand what to wear when sporting the color orange. Stay tuned!

*PS- for those of you on twitter, if you see something orange, or something that would look great with orange, please tweet about it! To share it with me, and to look at what others have found, include the hashtag #OrangeYOUStylish.

Orange YOU glad you read my blog?

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