Friday, November 26, 2010

The Stinking Rose: Outfit 3 from San Francisco

OK. . . one last outfit from San Fran, featuring two items that I bought in the City by the Bay. To celebrate the last night in town, I joined a large group of friends from grad school (who were also at the conference) at a restaurant called "The Stinking Rose." The company was great, the atmosphere was fun, and the food was OK- worth another try, but nothing spectacular (but I am not a food critic, just a picky eater).

Anyways, before The Stinking Rose, and before Ocean Beach, my friends Emily, Eric, and I started our last full day in San Francisco with a trip to Alamo Square to visit the Painted Ladies (houses featured in the opening credits of Full House), and then to an area known as Haight- Ashbury for lunch. After lunch, Emily and I parted ways with Eric and Brian to shop.

While shopping in this area, Emily and I stopped at Ambiance, a cute boutique with color-sorted clothing from a variety of designers and price points. While the clothing was cute, and the sales were great, the salespeople were a bit too pushy. At first the attention was great, but after an hour of being attended by a slew of salespeople, I was ready to get out of the shop! I wasn't going to buy anything, but on my way out I found a cute pair of off-white spectator pumps by Seychelles for 35 dollars and I couldn't resist the deal.

The other item featured in this post (purchased in San Fran) is a leopard-print blue blouse from Banana Republic. Normally I don't wear leopard print, but I felt daring and this shirt was another great deal that I couldn't resist. Also, I was running out of clean shirts to wear.

Full House!

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