Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did Helena's Character Shop at Anthro?

Hello Readers,

This week I had the opportunity to see Les Miserables with my dad. While I enjoyed the movie and the actors' performances, I couldn't help but notice something about Madame Thénardier's wardrobe, worn by Helena Bonham Carter.

photo taken from here
photo from (here)

Take a look at her outfit. If her character (or costume designer) were to buy that jacket, where do you think they would find something like that?

from guess where

you guessed it
Yes, anthropologie bears a striking resemblance to Madame Thenardier's wardrobe

Case in point.

You all know that I love Anthropologie. Some of my favorite items in my wardrobe are from that store. But. . . sometimes their offerings are a bit too theatrical and out there (for my taste, anyway). I have no conclusion on this matter, just a simple observation.

The end.


  1. Interesting observation! I agree that sometimes their styles are a bit too "out there." But their house stuff is so cute!

  2. I agree! They seem to walk the line between out there and inspiring. . . with hits and misses here and there. But when they hit inspiring- they blow it out of the park!