Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Outfit

My first outfit of this blog, hooray! While this outfit is nothing that you would see on the red carpet, it is an accurate representation of my favorite things to wear: dark rinse jeans, a cardigan, a tank top, and a necklace. For those of you who know me, you know how much I love wearing these items- and have probably seen multiple versions of this outfit. I'm not sure how to phrase my outfit-adventures (I'm sure my formats will alter with time), but here is my first try:
From head to toe, I am wearing:

White, embellished hairband- J.Crew (sale!)
Silver, antiqued locket- American Eagle Outfitters
Indigo, fluttery scoop tank top- Banana Republic
Silvery-grey cardigan- Banana Republic
Skinny, charcoal belt- Ann Taylor (sale!)
Straight, dark-rinse jeans- American Eagle Outfitters (only available online or in AE stores in Canada)
Dove-Grey round-toe heels- Victor, by Victor Alfaro (available at Bergner's)

This outfit is great for many occasions, and while it could be worn at night, it is well suited for a spring day. Today, when I wore this outfit, I attended a breakfast/seminar event on campus. In attendance were faculty, staff, and grad students from across campus. I wasn't sure what to wear (especially since faculty were also guests at the breakfast), so I aired on the side of caution by combining business casual with "regular" casual.

I combined these styles by dressing up my cardigan and tank with a skinny belt and dressing down the outfit with a stylish yet comfortable pair of straight-cut jeans. I mention the cut of my jeans because they are on-trend, but they are modest enough to wear to casual work events. These jeans are also flattering to a broader spectrum of body types than your everyday-skinny-jean. I love these jeans and highly recommend them to all who love skinny jeans and all who want to wear skinny jeans but fear their "side-effects."

So, I've introduced you all to my everyday fashion staples- what are yours?

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