Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls' Night Out: Fashion, Fondue, and SATC 2

Good Evening Readers!

Last Wednesday, this lovely quartet (Erin, Me, Angela, and Emily) hit the town for a night of fashion, fondue, and Sex & The City 2. While the movie didn't win a place in my top ten, it was a great movie to see for our outing. We started the evening at The Melting Pot on Delmar for Fondue and then moved the party to a nearby movie theatre to "catch up" on the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda (and by catching up, I mean watching the movie).

I looked forward to this night for many reasons, one being that it was a great time to wear a neglected dress from my wardrobe. This particular dress is a mini dress from White House/Black Market (Spring 2008) and it is paired with a thick, black belt from Banana Republic (Fall 2009); my green pendant from Target; and a black, floral headband from J. Crew (Spring 2010). Hidden from the photo are a pair of very comfortable black satin peep toes from White House/Black Market.

I would like to point out the cute outfits of my friends (good job ladies!). Erin went for a glam-safari look with dangly hoop earrings, a gold sweater with a brown belt and very cute olive-green cargo pants. Angela's outfit is mostly from The Limited (the have a great work collection right now, and if you are a student or educator you can receive a discount), and I think Emily bought her dress during a recent trip to Southern California.

What a fun summer night!

P.S.- While I did not watch the SATC series or the first SATC movie, out of curiosity I took a "Which SATC character are you" quiz (three quizzes, actually), and I found out that I am most like Charlotte. She seems the most like me, and I absolutely loved her wardrobe!

Question: if you could raid any character's wardrobe from SATC 2, who's wardrobe would you raid? Carrie? Samantha? Charlotte? Miranda?

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