Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stay Cool and Stay Stylish!

Greetings Readers!

Oh my- it's almost August, can you believe it? July flew by so quickly that so much of it seems like a blur. An event that I DO remember quite well took place on July 10th- my friend Erin's wedding! This day was wonderful for so many reasons- a beautiful ceremony between two wonderful people, a re-gathering of high school friends, dancing (and being asked to dance), and wedding cake. Also, having a ladybug land on my arm- which is apparently good luck!

Another thing that I remember about this occasion was the outfit I wore (of course!). Here's a bit of info. on this ensemble:
-CZ post earrings: Target
-Jeweled-bib necklace: American Eagle Outfitters (currently on clearance)
-Watercolor-silk dress: Donna Morgan (available at Nordstrom)
-Antique bracelet:

I am in love with this dress! I wore it to a wedding in March and paired it with a cardigan, a ribbon (around my waist) and teal tights (pictured below, with my friend Sarah, who was also at the wedding). Before the summer ends, I must find another occasion that calls for this dress- any suggestions?

Until next time readers- stay cool and stay stylish!

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