Thursday, August 26, 2010

The End of Summer and the Beginning of Fall (Semester)

While the summer season persists (with high temperatures and humidity), summer ended for me and many this week. Yes, summer is over and the school year is here. I've looked forward to the first week of school almost every year of my academic career, but this year I looked forward to this week for a new reason because this year I am teaching! This summer, I was able to work as a swim instructor (the best summer job!)- but this is my first time as an instructor at the college level. I am (only) a TA, but I get to teach 2 sections of Public Speaking this year. So far, I've had two sessions, and each of those sessions have gone really well! I'm sure that I'll talk about this more in the future, but I mention this change/opportunity as an explanation in some changes that you will see in my blog. In addition to the casual outfits I usually post, I will also post outfits that are more professional and work-appropriate. So. . . something new to look forward to!!!

In other news, I recently moved into a new apartment! This is another change that you may notice in my future posts. I feel much safer in my new apartment, and it is so much quieter- I love it!

More about this outfit that you see above and below. . . I believe that I took this picture when I first began packing. I should explain that the inner tubes (from Target) are used because I was deflating them, and I realized that they went well with my shirt; and the goggles (in the photo below, by Speedo) were in the same closet as the inner tubes. Because staying hydrated is an important summer priority, I also threw in a bottle of sparking raspberry-lime water from Trader Joe's. Everything else is fairly normal, but I thought explanations of the unusual items were needed- just in case any of you were concerned that I "lost my marbles" so to speak. Anyways, the first photo reflects my new favorite outfit. As August cools down, my jeans are marking more and more appearances with lightweight summer shirts that have been staple items of this summer. I could wear this outfit to dinner with friends, shopping, or even at a family get-together. Here's the run-down of this outfit:

Fake pearl earrings- Target
Rhinestone bib necklace- American Eagle Outfitters (currently on clearance for 7 dollars)
Pale blue, pleated, knit top- C. Keer (from Anthropologie)
White lace tank top- Aerie (Summer 2009)
Dark rinse skinny jeans- Abercrombie & Fitch ("Erin" fit)
Purple and blue flip flops- Ipanema (very, very comfortable!)

For those of you starting new semesters, preparing to start new semesters, and for anyone getting ready for the upcoming change in season- I wish you all fresh beginnings and renewed enthusiasm! And, as always, remember to stay hydrated!

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