Monday, September 6, 2010

I bought It. . .

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect jacket? Perhaps more than dreamt- have you ever imagined the cut, color, and details of a jacket that would suit you oh-so-perfectly? When you go to the mall, or browse the Internet, that jacket (or other item of clothing) is nowhere to be found, and you end up settling for something close to the masterpiece you once imagined.

Well, last Saturday, when I entered Anthropologie, I saw the jacket of my dreams - and after trying it on, I bought it. A cool, neutral, early tone of soft wool, lined in a fun print, and surrounded by ruffles and buttons and elegantly bursting with chic confidence. Let me introduce you to my once-imagined dream jacket, the Cream Confection Jacket from Anthropologie:

As the weather cools down in St. Louis, I will hopefully post pictures of me, wearing this gem of a jacket.

Well, I've found my dream jacket- what dream item of clothing is at the top of your shopping list this Fall?

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