Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Almost As Seen On TV: Lundin Links Sweater

Hello Readers.

How many of you are fans of Mad Men? I do! I do! Recently, however, I realized that I haven't seen Season 2 before- a realization that prompted me to re-watch Seasons 1, 2, and most of 3 on Netflix. As I was making up for this error, in an episode and season I cannot recall, I noticed that Peggy Olson was wearing a sweater very similar to a sweater from Anthropologie.

Take a look! Here is Peggy's sweater:

Here is the sweater (by Moth) from Anthropologie:

Lundin Links Sweater

Can you see the similarities? The original and an updated version- love them both!


  1. I noticed in my most recent Anthropologie catalog some Mad Men Fashion influence. You mentioning this confirmed my suspicions. I like this sweater too. Will you be modeling one soon?I am now known as anonymous.

  2. Thanks Anonymous!

    There's a good possibility that I will be modeling it, but not until the weather cools down a bit more. Maybe I can invent a Peggy Olson-inspired outfit!