Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who's That Girl? Dress Like Jess! (Step 1)

Hello Readers!

This fall, a quirky show began with a cast of characters who make me laugh every week. What's that show? New Girl! 

Not only do I enjoy the show- I admire the styling choices made for the main character, Jess Day and worn by the multitalented Zooey Deschanel. This blog post is meant to serve as your guide to dressing like Jess.

Step One: Wear Red

In multiple episodes, Jess wears red. Our eyes are drawn to the color red, so it makes sense that our leading lady would wear this vibrant hue. Even though red takes a lot of confidence to wear, it has been my experience that it inspires even more confidence!

Red seems to be one of Jess' signature colors. She wears it frequently, and she wears it well! Here are a few examples:

An orangey-red hue was perfect for the Thanksgiving episode
When possible, pair red with bright colored ballet flats and/or quirky accessories like bells

A great date night gown! Red, ruffles,  and a tie-waist. Delightful.

Clearly confident in crimson
Here,  Jess' students are wearing red and she is wearing bits of red

And here are a few similar looks:

Similar Look: Coincidence & Chance Pleated Tea Dress from

Gracia Dress by Moulinette Soeurs from Anthropologie
And a few inspirations:

Nordstrom- Only Mine Cashmere Cardigan
Red Dandelion Skirt- Etsy

If you need an intro to red, a pair of posts like these would be great! 

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