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Fitting Room Reviews: 12/01/2011

Happy December Readers!

During the last half of November I tried to stay away from my favorite retailers with the hope that they would have enticing Black Friday sales... and I was right! Unfortunately, during Anthropologie's 25% off sale items and brief 50% off sale items markdowns the items on my wish list were snapped up before you could say "cornucopia!" Even an item in my order was cancelled- even though I placed it on the first morning of the sale (bitter? no...)

This past Thursday I had a few coupons/free offers to redeem before they expired so I combined a trip to my favorite grocer (Trader Joe's) with a trip to my local mall. During the trip, I tried on these items at Anthropologie:

1. Glinting Persica Sweater Dress by Knitted and Knotted (size small)

To be honest, this dress never jumped out at me until I saw it on the clearance rack in my local store (the last one!). The online photos, even from the catalogue, do this dress no justice! The subtle copper sparkle and peachy hues of the dress are absolutely lovely.

The dress alone...
Plus the Beaded Wink Belt

For those who are tall, or with long-torsos, this dress is perfect! The waistline fell at my natural waist and the length of the dress was very flattering. I'm still not crazy about the cutout on the back of the dress, but it does not reveal well-fitted bra straps (which is wonderful!)

The dress runs true to size and gives a bit of room in the hips. Some reviewers said it was itchy- but I have sensitive skin and I didn't notice any itchiness with the fabric.

Woah! That was a long review, eh? Here are a few more (shorter) reviews:

1. Twin Tiered Top by Deletta
Twin Tiered Top by Deletta
I could only find a medium in this top, but it fit quite well. I never know whether I am a small or a medium in their tops because the fit of each top seems to vary so much- even within the same style. I liked this top- especially the muted orangey-brown in the pattern's background- but I didn't like it enough to buy it. The ruffles at the shoulder were a bit too big for me- they had a football-player effect on me and looked a lot like shoulder pads (but that effect made my arms look quite svelte!)

3. ??? from Leifsdottir
Top by Leifsdottir
I don't recall the name of this top, and I couldn't find it on the Anthro website but I remember seeing it's sale price (around 80 dollars) and thinking "woah- that's expensive!" and then looking at the full price of the top and thinking "what?" I tried it on to see what was so special about the top... and I'm still searching for the answer to that question. The fit was fine and the design was cute- but I was not impressed with the quality of this garment's construction. A thin jersey top with a delicate lace does not add up to the price I saw.

4. Iced Foliage Top by Project Alabama
Iced Foliage Top by Project Alabama
I love the color charcoal but I did not love this blouse. For length I tried on a 6- a very good decision indeed! But even the 6 was a bit too short and the width was a bit too puffy for my taste. It does have a zipper on the side, which cinches the waist a bit but the way the bottom of the blouse flares out is not flattering at all! This blouse would, however, look cute with a cardigan or layered under a pencil skirt.

5. Mystery top!

I don't remember seeing this top online... but I found it in the clearance section at my local store. I really like the print- it reminds me of a wallpaper you would find in a fancy store or boutique. But it didn't quite wow me. What I liked about the blouse was that it has a band of fabric that wraps around the waist- creating a more defined silhouette. I couldn't find a 4 or 6, so I tried on an 8 but even with the sashed waist it was too big. I also found the fabric to feel somewhat cheap, or at least too airy to wear during the  cold winter months.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found these reviews to be helpful!

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