Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blogger Tested, Puppy Approved

Hello Readers!

Many of you know that my family recently got a new puppy, a very lively and mostly sweet Alaskan Malamute who we named Sophie. For those of you who haven't met or heard about her yet, here is a picture:

Figure 1.1 Hello!

Over break I did a lot of Sophie-sitting, which was fun- but so much work! Her favorite activities include: chasing my brothers and parents and I, quietly sneaking up on us, learning new tricks (she learned "down" and "paw" over Thanksgiving break), going for walks, playing fetch and tug-of-war, and snuggling. Like, sit-in-your-lap-even-though-I'll-soon-be-a-big-dog-snuggling. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:
Figure 2.1. sit-in-your-lap-even-though-I'll-soon-be-a-big-dog-snuggling
Cute right? She doesn't really fit, but somehow she makes it work. A year from now, however, I don't think this cute trick will be quite as cute. Speaking of cute... I really liked the outfit I wore on Sunday! I was always a bit afraid of pairing green and purple. Perhaps as a cautious measure of avoiding a Barney the Dinosaur look? Faded purple and olive green, I've learned, do not evoke a Barney-esque look. I like this combination, in fact! I think I might try it again.

Purple and Green... I've tested it and apparently Sophie approves! Who knew that a color-blind companion could know so much about fashion!

Retail Details:
Faded Purple Cardigan: Martin + Osa (via eBay)
Beneath the Surface Floral Silk Shell: Moulinette Soeurs from Anthropologie
Faded Purple Lace Boyfriend Tank: American Eagle Outfitters (Black Friday find!)
Olive Green AG Stevie Cords: Anthropologie
Gold and Pearl Necklace: gift

Sometimes Sophie has crazy eyes

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