Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anthro Personal Shopper Appointment (online!)

Hello Readers!

Last week, while browsing Anthropologie's website, I came across a notice for appointments on-line and in-stores with an Anthro Personal Shopper. Intrigued, I filled out the request form and made one of my wish lists public (which allows the personal shopper to preview your style/preferences) and pressed send.

A few days later, I received an email from Jamie, my Anthro Personal Shopper, with 4 outfit suggestions. Unfortunately, I did not successfully make my wish list public, but fortunately Jamie still created a very cute set of outfits! Here are the first round of outfits that she created for me:

Shorts and tights. . . I've always wanted to try that combo...

This was my favorite of round 1. Could I ever be this edgy & cool?

I like the earrings and belt. . .  

Cute... but a bit too slouchy for my taste

In her email, Jamie let me know that my wish list was not available, so I properly made my wish list public and emailed her back with a request for a second round of requests. The first set of outfits were cute, but I could tell that a few of the items didn't quite fit with my narrative of style.

The second set of outfits were fantastic! My favorites are the first and third outfits. What do you think?

Ooh! Very nice!

Navy and browns... I like both of these colors but I've never worn then together. 

Love this outfit!!!

The top is a bit too old for me... but I love the rest!
The result of these consultations? A bigger wish list! I'm saving my money for the all of tights, the dark purple corduroys, and the turquoise blouse. Jamie's combination of prints and textures inspires me to be more bold in my own outfit decision-making.

Have any of you set up an appointment with an Anthro Personal Shopper? If not, you can set up an appointment in-store or online here:


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