Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stack Cake. Yum.

Hello Readers!

How many of you know the joys of stack cake? If you are reading this and you are related to me- I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

For those of you who are wondering "what is stack cake" or "I wonder how that would taste".... hopefully this blog post will answer your question.

Stack cake is basically a set of giant sugar cookies mortared on top of each other (usually there are 8?) by apple butter. Sugar cookies and apple butter. Yum.

My mom's side of the family has a special recipe for this delicious dessert and on special occasions members of that side of the family (usually my Aunt Shelly) create a cake or two to enjoy.

This recipe is amazing- but it takes a long time. A few weeks ago I "helped" my mom make a stack cake to take to small group and I witnessed all of the hard work and time that goes into this masterpiece. Creating sugar cookie dough from scratch. Letting the dough cool in the fridge. Laying out flour, rolling the dough, and cutting out perfectly round shapes (to later stack), carefully watching the cookies cook (so as not to burn), carefully (with even more care than the last step) removing the large cookies from the cookie tray, and then slathering each layer with just the right amount of apple butter. Oh, and yes, waiting hours/days (depending on your schedule) for the apple butter to seep into the cookie. Hard work!

I devised a lazy man's version of my family's traditional stack cake. It is by no means a replacement for the real thing, but it does suffice as a close alternative.

I purchased store-made Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and Musselman's apple butter for my quick and easy version (which, in my opinion, saved a lot of time!)

I rolled together 3 of the pre-cut cookies into a large cookie (4-5 inches in diameter) and repeated this a few times (7 to be precise- before I lost my patience) and then carefully cooked these cookies.  Two of the cookies were uneven and were not-quite-cooked cookies when I tried to remove them and they crumbled as I tried to remove them from the tray. These cookie casualties did not make it to the final product. I ate one of the them while putting together and saved the other for later.

My end result was not quite as beautiful as my family's version- but it was delicious! I ate it for breakfast (maybe not the healthiest choice?) a few times with juice and strawberries, the week that I made this lazy stack cake and it was so satisfying! I think all of that sugar boosted my energy tremendously on those days!

Here are few pictures of my homely, but scrumptious, lazy stack cake:


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