Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Cloudy Monday... A Vibrant Orange Dress!

Hello Readers,

Wow! Today's earlier post has been a hit! I've never had so many people read my blog in a single day- and the day isn't even over yet! Thank you Readers!

Look at that! Those are my statistics so far today!

I realize that I haven't been as faithful in my outfit of the day posts as I have been in the past, but I am back on track!

Last Monday was exceptionally drab. Grey, rainy, and bleh. When I looked at the forecast that morning I thought "oh, what a Monday" but then an idea brightened my day and changed my perspective. I picked out my orange Whirligig Dress and raspberry tights and thought "The weather may be dreary but I'll put some color in this day."

And so I did.

The color combinations in this outfit are not at all my normal palette of colors, in an outfit or in general but lately I've been learning to embrace change. I felt slightly self-conscious in the ensemble, but the wealth of compliments I received throughout the day cleared away those feelings. I rocked in a dress in a color I've feared for so long!

What a fun Monday!

Retail Details:
Fuchsia Climate Control Cardigan: Anthropologie
Orange Whirligig Dress: Velvet from Anthropologie
Raspberry Opaque Tights: Hue
Bright Pink Flats: Jessica Simpson
Gold Necklace: gift
Green Sparkly Nail Polish: Zoya (from my November Birchbox)

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