Friday, November 25, 2011

Anthro, why do you torture me?

I've been drooling over the AG Ballads ever since my visit to the Adriano Goldschmied store in St. Louis... waiting for a sale like today's at Anthropologie to get my hands on a pair...

They were not available at 6 AM. I checked Anthropologie's website every 10 minutes. They reappeared around 10:40. In my size. I placed them in my bag. Then proceeded to check out.... and I found this!

I know there are more pressing issues in this world... but oh why!!! They were almost mine.... I vowed not to give in to the Black Friday madness, but even while shopping online, in my pjs... I lost my cool over these silly pants. I'm still a little bit crazy over this whole thing. I even check every minute or so for a change in the status of this item. 

OK. Venting session is over. Time to move on to leftovers.

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