Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grammy Sunday: Swing and Miss

Oh Readers,

On Sunday I came to an absolute conclusion... I think. I need to do something new with my hair! I love its length, but my bangs are too long, I think I need a few more layers, and my color (natural) isn't doing much for me these days.


Ahhh! Is that a ghost? No... just me!
I did something else on Sunday.... I attended a Grammy viewing party at a friend's apartment. Here is what I wore to church (earlier in the day) and to the party.

Lesson learned: silky fabrics tend to ride up, especially when sitting down. Adjust accordingly. 
Too much texture? Yes.

Famous entertainers will distract those around you from outfit mistakes... maybe...

What I realized, in addition to my need for new hair, is that the outfit was not a win. I thought the dress was an easy outfit... but somehow my trusty cardigan, sparkly belt, cabled tights (ok the tights were an obvious mistake, abstract water colored dress came together in a most sloppy manner.

I tried to be creative with this outfit- but it was a swing and a miss! Thankfully, the Grammy's were entertaining enough to distract anyone from my mistakes (I hope!) and the people at my church were too nice to say anything! :)

So. . . the lesson I learned from this outfit is that outfit experimentation is a-ok. When experimenting with new combinations, it's important to take pictures of your endeavors. Cameras tell no lies my friends, cameras tell no lies!

Here's to adventures in fashion!

Retail Details:
Watercolor Dress: H&M
Enchanting Eyes Beaded Belt: Anthropologie
Charcoal Cabled Tights: Anthropologie
White/Cream Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Black Studded Ballet Flats: J. Crew

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