Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loveliness on Valentine's Day: 2012

Hello Readers,

Last year, I published a blog post (Loveliness on Valentine's Day) about the holiday we all love to hate at some point in our lives. In this post, I wrote about my decision not to wear the color black on Valentine's Day as a symbolic action of my new attitude toward the day's celebrations, even as a single woman in her mid-twenties. Yep. I had a new attitude.

This year when I woke up, I planned to wear a reiteration of last year's Valentine's Day outfit, but there was snow on the ground and I had errands to run in the cold, slushy morning.... so I threw on a red wool sweater, a pair of jeans, wooly socks with snowflakes on the side, my trusty snow boots, and my coat. The day started out well, as far as holiday appropriate winter wear.

I ran my errands with great efficiency, buying a raspberry beret cupcake at The Cup, groceries at Dierberg's, and spending a gift card at Starbuck's (thank you Quists!) without any hitches or long lines- but when I returned I was less than enthusiastic about the holiday. I needed a change of attitude, or at least a change of outfits.

Last year's outfit was too cheery... I needed something that made me feel just as confident, but more mysterious. A vintage black and navy dress was the perfect remedy for my feelings of discontent. Paired with a white cardigan, embellished purple ribbon, solid purple tights, and spectator-esque pumps provided just the right amount of elegance and sass needed to survive this year's Valentine's Day.

Holding my roomie's cupcakes
In a way, this outfit helped me make it through a day I dread. What really helped me through this day was the community of friends I have at home, here, and even across the globe! I wasn't alone, spatially or metaphorically, either. My small group had a get together where we took communion and then exchanged bread and words of appreciation/affirmation with each other. This tradition, known as a "love  feast" is most common in the Methodist tradition of faith, but can be traced back to the Moravians. Woah!

I suppose I never liked Valentine's Day very much because it made me feel alone. I felt left out. But, this year I was not alone or left out. I was surrounded by friends who have been like family to me during my year of adjuncting. Their words, hugs, and constant community reminded me of the love present in my life, even away from family and even without a boyfriend or husband. I'm not single... I'm surrounded by a community of people who care about me and remind me of the One who loves me extravagantly- God. I have so much love in my life!

I'm smiling.... but check out that hand on my hip! Sass!


Retail Details:
Black and Navy Vintage Dress: Gifted
White/Cream V-Neck Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Purple Belt: A Ribbon Embellished with a Clip-On Earring
Goldtone Peacock Earrings: Macy's 
Purple Tights: Hue (via Nordstrom Rack)
Cream and Tan Spectator Pumps: Seychelles (purchased at a boutique in San Francisco)
Smile: Courtesy of my friends!


  1. You do look sassy :) Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's day, Laura!