Friday, October 22, 2010

Borrowing Stories. . . Which one should I choose?

Hello Readers!

Recently, I was invited to a "decade" party for Halloween. Basically, what this means, is that the party attendants dress as a decade. I wasn't sure which decade to choose (I really wanted to dress like Betty Draper from Mad Men), but this past weekend I went home and raided my grandparents' basement for authentic, vintage clothing. Of the items I tried on, I narrowed down my options to three dresses. Each of these stories- I mean dresses- has a narrative of its own.

The dresses are amazing, but what is even more amazing are the stories that each dress tells. But, before I tell those stories (and show them), I need your help. Which of these dresses should I choose?

Dress 1:

This dress is my grandma's dress (she is standing next to me), but it is a dress that has never been worn before! Yes, the tags are still attached to the dress! I think this dress is from the 70s. . . but it has yet to see the light of day. Should I wear this dress?

Dress 2:

This lovely number was worn by my Aunt Teresa as a bridesmaid at my Aunt Shelly's wedding (Aunt Shelly is standing next to me). What I think is so amazing about this dress is how well it fits! The few vintage dresses that I've tried on have been too short in length- but this dress is long enough. I could even wear heels!!! Also, I really like the rad capelet and apricot color. This dress is rad, but is it rad enough to wear to the party?

Dress 3:

This dress was a crowd-pleaser at my grandparents' house. This dress was worn by my grandma while she was on a cruise with my grandpa and she said that she wore it to a dinner they shared with the captain of the cruiseliner. This dress screams Dynasty, and is a grand demonstration of 80s fashion. It is a lovely dress (the giant sleeves are especially lovely), but I tend to wear 80s fashion when occasions such as this party call for decade fashions. (side-note: I would NOT wear the purple tights seen in the picture, I would probably go with black tights and black pumps)

So, readers- which one is the winner? Post your votes below!

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  1. Wow! In the vernacular of the peasantry,"You rock them all!!" I wish I would of looked as good in that bridesmaid dress as you did and I have to say, I looked pretty good in it. Let's think, the first one looks good and could possibly be worn as a fashion of today. You reallllly look pretty in that one, the color is right and that is pretty dress. You would look good if you wore this and if you just want to mildly paraticipate in the theme, this one is for you. My dress looks so pretty on you. You would be thematic but some what quiet in that dress. The red dress does send you into Linda Evans/ Joan Collins status. If you want to bring down the house in that power dress, I say that is the one for you.
    Recap; If you want to be sweet and gentle, wear mine, if you want to look darn good but not to different, wear the turquoise. If you want to get the attention of the captain, the red is for you. All in all, Laura, you are in a win/win situation. All the dresses look great on you and all are authentic vintage. I guess, the one that makes you feel the best! You wear it well.