Monday, October 18, 2010

A Grand Weekend

Hello again Readers!!!

The past 4 days have been wonderful- quite marvelous actually!!! Every year, it seems like fall break happens at just the right time every semester. Since Friday afternoon, I've been on a relaxathon (a marathon of relaxation). On Friday, I had coffee with one of my mentors from college (Kathie- she is amazing) in Greenville and then went home to celebrate my littlest brother's 14th birthday. On Saturday, I did nothing except nap, read, and go on a date with my dad (we saw the Social Network). Then yesterday, my "home church" (Imago Dei) had its first service at its new location (wonderful), went to Grandview Drive, and spent the evening at my grandparents' house for fun and food. What a great weekend!!!

This week, you may recognize my skirt from a post from last week (Falling Into Neutrals). This weekend I was inspired to re-wear the skirt. I don't usually wear clothing multiple times in one week- but, it was clean and I packed it for my mini-vacation. Like last week's outfit, this one is grounded in neutrals, with a pop of color from a raspberry pair of opaque tights. Below (and above), in a picture taken by my mom on Grandview Drive, is a second "iteration" of the draped tan skirt from Anthropologie:

I love Grandview Drive, and this outfit!
Retail details:
Sunglasses: Coach (Rx)
White Scarf: Target
White Craft & Creation Top (in the first and last pictures): Deletta, from Anthropologie
Tan Creme Confection Jacket: Anthropologie
Tan draped skirt: Anthropologie
Raspberry tights: Hue
Brown-grey sliver-wedge boots: Anne Klein (from Macy's or Bergner's)

Also, when I went to church on Sunday; I saw my friend, fellow blogger, and fellow Greenville College alum Kristi! (check out her blog: Kristi is also a fellow fan of Anthropologie, and when I saw her outfit in church, I thought "That would be a great outfit for my blog!" She graciously agreed to pose with me for a photo in her stylin' outfit!

Here we are at Imago Dei's new location on Arcadia:

Kristi's retail details:
Olive-green short-sleeved tee: Anthropologie
Olive-green striped skirt: Anthropologie (btw, I love this skirt!!!)
Gold Sandals: Target


  1. Looks like the perfect fall day and the perfect outfit on the perfect girl. Are you wearing a necklace in the top action,( which is my favorite) photo?
    A. T.

  2. Oh yes! I forgot to add that necklace to my retail details- thanks for catching that! I am wearing a pearl necklace that my mom gave to me.

    Thanks A. T.!

  3. its actually a dress! tricked you! freakin' love it.

  4. Awesome!!! I love the dress even more! Thank you for being my featured guest!!!