Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Button Down Shirt. . . .

Greetings Readers!

This is what I wore on Monday, with shoes of course. This was not my favorite outfit, nor was it my least favorite outfit- but it is a great example of business professional and I had a really good hair day!

So what is business professional? Well, my concept of this term is borrowed from what I used to wear when I sold malpractice insurance to attorneys before graduate school. Here you will find: a sensible (but sweet) button down shirt, a cami for modesty, and wool blend dress pants. While this outfit is anything but spectacular, I do like it because of the colors. Often colors like black and beige (and even my dear friend, grey) can wash out my fair complexion, so I've learned how to wear colors that compliment my UV Ray resistant skin- like this pink button down shirt.

I purchased this shirt during one of the final days of Banana Republic's latest sale with the hope that someday this spring or summer I would be able to wear it with a suit to a job interview. Besides the color of this shirt, I appreciate the fit (fitted, but not too fitted), the price (just under 21.00 with my teacher discount, and the fact that this is a no iron shirt (hooray!). I think this shirt may be more spectacular than I originally imagined it to be. . .

With less than a semester left of graduate school remaining, job applications, hope for job interviews, and the dream of starting my career- everything related to the career process is currently on my mind. I'm searching for jobs (mostly) in two markets: (1) instructor positions at community colleges and small colleges in the field of communication and (2) internal communication/public relations jobs. There seem to be a few openings out there, but not as many as I hoped to find- but maybe more positions will open up as the year progresses. Does anyone have any advice?

Retail Details:

Gold (colored) and Grey Dangling Earrings: St. Louis Art Museum
Cool Pink No-Iron Button Down: Banana Republic
White Swiss Dot Cami: American Eagle Outfitters
White and Black Cross-hatched Wool Blend Pants: Banana Republic
Grey and Purple-Polka Dot Socks: The Gap
Sparkly Bow Ring: Banana Republic

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