Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Day of Classes!

Greetings Readers!

Today was the beginning of yet another journey of teaching Public Speaking. I wasn't as nervous today as I was at this time last semester- but I did have a few small fears. Last semester, both of my classes were filled with outstanding students- 36 amazing individuals who made me laugh, taught me interesting facts, and who touched my lives. As I prepared for this semester, I thought "Is it possible that I could have another batch of students like that again?"

Well, today was only day one- but I can already tell that the 40 students I met today in my classes were also a wonderful batch of students! Today we read the syllabus, went over the schedule, watched a youtube video of a kid with stage fright, AND did brief introductions. I learned my students names (okay, I'm still learning those), their hometowns, majors, year in school, interests, and interesting facts about each student.

While I wasn't very nervous, last night I still had a few butterflies in my stomach. So. . . I did what I (almost) always do before an important day- I planned my outfit. I think this outfit was one of my favorites so far- I couldn't stop smiling while I was wearing it! After teaching, my friend Megan took a picture of me in the hallway- but a few hours later I accidently dropped my camera (my little pink canon) and it broke. So. . . it may be a few days before I can get that picture up on this blog. So, to substitute the picture I've collected a few shots from the web to give you a sort of picture of this outfit.

Since this is an unusual format for my posts, I'll start these retail details from the bottom and move up

Here are my shoes:

(available here for $20 at

My tights were a color similar to the shoes, and I purchased them from the aerie store in Peoria, IL. I think the tights are available in some stores, but not available online. Here is a link to a similar pair in black, for just under $10

My dress (the leading cause for my unstoppable smile today) is from Anthropologie and it is from Tracy Reese's Plenty collection. I think we might see more of this dress in future posts!

My belt is also from Anthropologie. I'm not sure who made this belt, but on the website it was listed as the "Windmill Bow Belt." What I like most about this belt is that it is navy blue AND black- which means I can wear it with almost any color, including black and navy.

Since the weather outside is still rather frightful, and because I'm not sure if Public Speaking instructors should wear sleeveless, lacy dresses. . . I paired the dress with my favorite cardigan- a deep lavender cashmere delight that's nearing retirement. I've worn it so much that it has a small hole in one of the sleeves. This cardigan is from Martin & Osa (tear. . . if they were still around, I would buy more)

I also wore the necklace from Juicy Couture that I've worn in a few recent blog posts as well as a grey feathered headband from aerie.

I hope everyone had a very wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Aw, this outfit sounds wonderful! It's a shame your camera broke; I hope you are able to repair it or find a good replacement for it.

    Your first class sounds really interesting, too. I think any time a YouTube video can be worked into the curriculum, the professor is doing something right!

  2. Thanks for the kind comments! PS- I love your blog!