Sunday, January 16, 2011

My very own. . . Etsy Shop!

Hello Readers!

A few posts ago, I mentioned an interest in opening an Etsy shop. After talking about this idea with my parents, and a few other people, I decided that this would be a lovely little side project. Nothing too big or time consuming, at least until May 21st (graduation!), just enough of an endeavor to provide a pleasant diversion from the stressors of grad school.

I'm still not ready to "open" the shop officially, but I am happy with my present collection. Three skirts, three dresses, and a hot pair of vintage shoes. I still want to find a few pieces of jewelry, maybe an assortment of accessories, more shoes. . . I'm not really sure- but I look forward to expanding my stock of eclectic and elegant stock!

So far, my search for stock took place within a 30 minute radius of my parents' house in Peoria- but yesterday I returned to St. Louis and I am wildly hopeful about the possible finds that await my discovery in this locale! St. Louis here I come!

I will let you all know when my shop is officially open! :)

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