Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthro Try-On Reviews

Hey Readers!

For this set of reviews, it seems that I tried on a few things that did not have names I could find.  I hesitated writing a review for these items but decided to go ahead in case any of you saw these items in your store or maybe your Anthropologie wish list. Here it goes!

Yellow Nameless Dress (6)
I saw this dress online first and was intrigued.  In person, the dress is a dusty mustard color and it was a bit heavier than I thought it would be. It seemed to be well-constructed but I found a few problems with the dress.  The first problem, for me, was that the torso was very short and fit like an awkward empire-esque waisted style.  If you are tall, like me, this dress may not work for you.  The other major problem was that the bust, which was molded and looked a bit like a superhero top, was very small.  I NEVER had this problem until I tried on this dress.  Very uncomfortable. The dress seemed to run true to size, but  if you are average or well-endowed, go up at least one size.

Gull Wing Dress- Girls from Savoy (size 4)
This dress reminded me of a boardwalk, or maybe something you could wear while walking on a boardwalk.  Anyway, this dress was super comfortable and it seemed like the fabric was breezy enough to be a summer dress contender. The dress ran true to size for me, but if you are bust-ier, it might be a good idea to go up a size.  The bottom button on the top of the dress was missing on the dress I tried on, as well as at least two other dresses on the rack. A sympton that can indicate an overall problem of a dress' construction.  I thought the dress was cute, but not quite my style.

Mystery Yellow Skirt- Size 6
This skirt fit a bit snugger than I thought it would be, but overall I found the fit quite flattering.  The mustardy color was absolutely charming and as I tried on the skirt I imagined all of the fun outfit color combinations that would work well with this skirt.  I didn't purchase the skirt, but I wish that I could!  I don't remember seeing this skirt online and when I searched for it I couldn't find a name.  My advice: if you find it in your size, try it on, and like it, buy it!

Mompos Dress- Plenty! by Tracy Reese (size 6)
This dress was featured a few posts ago (here), but I neglected to write a review then, which is why I am doing it now.  In the store, I was tempted to try on a size 4, but upon comparing the 4 with the 6 on the rack, I went with the 6 and it was perfect. This dress resounds retro in a very She & Him sort of way. Catchy and clever.  I love this dress, but the price tag prevented me from purchasing it at full price.  Thankfully, I found a listing on the EA (Effortless Anthropologie) Trade Market, and I was able to purchase the dress at a more reasonable price.

I hope these reviews are helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

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