Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews (from St. Louis and Chicago)

Hello Readers!

It's almost July- can you believe it!  I don't know about you all, but my June has been jam-packed!  Like all of the other busy times in my life though, I've found the time to stop by Anthropologie.  The first review is from the Anthropologie in St. Louis and the others are from the Anthropologie on Chicago in Chicago (which, by the way, is an amazing store!)

This round of reviews includes two dresses, a pair of shorts, and a blouse.  I hope you find these reviews helpful!
Sugared Dress- Corey Lynn Calter
Over the past year, I've found myself drawn to dresses with '50s silhouettes, and this dress was no exception to this fascination.  While I found this dress to be lovely, it wasn't the sort of lovely that I was looking for.  The print is quite unusual, but I found it to be overwhelming even to my 5'10'' frame! I took a size 6 in this dress- which fit well across my shoulders but was much too big for my bust, chest, and waist. I felt like the fit and overall look was a bit frumpy, but might look better on someone with more mature taste.

Whirligig Dress- Velvet
This was my third time trying on Velvet's Whirligig dress (I think the next time I try one on I will have to buy it!), and I was pleased to find two more color offerings in this dress at the Chicago Ave store in Chicago!  I am in love with the raspberry color, but this orange number caught my eye. The picture (on my computer) captures the color well, a delightfully warm hue between salmon and burnt sienna that you might find in a summer sunset. Unfortunately, when I put the dress over my head to try it on, I was only able to successfully get one arm through an armhole!  When I took the dress off to inspect what was going on I found that one of the armholes wasn't there. The other dresses had two armholes each, but this one must have fallen to the wayside during production.  Oh well!

Going Places Shorts- Paperboy by G-1
The Going Places Shorts, from Paperboy by G-1, are adorable! I normally wouldn't even try a cargo short, because they don't have a history of flattering my body.  But, the femininity of the short's lightweight fabric and delicate lilac color compensated for the utility pocket and boxy stitching. I took a size 6 and it fit perfectly! They still aren't the most flattering shorts, but they weren't unflattering either. I purchased these shorts and this summer they will be going places!

Adorned Azure Tank
I vaguely remember seeing the Adorned Azure Tank on Anthropologie's website, but my visit to the Chicago Ave store was my first real encounter with this treasure. In person, the tank is an azure shade, but just a bit more turquoise than the picture above. What I loved most about this top is that the adornment seemed to be a detachable necklace! This top was a pass because the fit was a bit off.  I tried on a small, which seemed to be the right size for me but the bottom half seemed a bit too wide.  Cute, but not cute enough.

I also bought a pair of white crops (Sateen Crops) from Cartonnier for only 19.95! The only size available was 8, but they were a great fit! I will feature these in an upcoming post! :)

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