Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: July

Hey Readers!

It is July 20th! Can you believe it? July has flown by for me- how about you? I had a few adventures this month (well- visits to Chicago and St. Louis), and each of those adventures included visits to a store near and dear to my heart. . . Anthropologie! While I was there, on each occasion, I took pictures of some of the highlights of my visits.  Hopefully you find them useful! Comment on this post if you have any questions!

Chicago (Chicago Ave and Schaumburg)

Loosened Shelby Blouse from Porridge
I seem to be inexplicably drawn to the Loosened Shelby Blouse. It's not quite my style, but upon each encounter with the blouse, I try it on! This time I tried on the green motif color, but had to choose between a size 2 or a size 10 (I chose the 2) for this try-on session. Width-wise, the blouse was fine, but length-wise I think I needed a size 4. If I do end up purchasing this little ditty, I think it will have to go with a belt or a high-waisted skirt.

Crotched Tank by ?
I don't think this tank is online anymore, but I found it in the sale rack at the Chicago Ave. store two weeks ago, and again last week in the St. Louis store (size S was perfect). I absolutely love this tank- layered crotched fabric, an ultra-flattering tunic length, and a lacy hem. I was ready to purchase this tank until I checked the fabric info tag and saw that it was dry clean only. Deal breaker.

Darling Dragonfly Dress from We Love Vera
I really like the colors of this dress. I did before I tried the dress on and after I tried it on.  The horizontal stripes and brushstrokes, however, did not work for me. I tried this on in a 4, and it seemed a bit tight. If I liked the dress more, I would try a 6, but I didn't like the dress enough to find a 6. I think this dress would be better suited for someone with a petite frame- someone I am not.

Alchemilla Tee in Green from one.september
I was looking for the Side Bent Tee when I found the Alchemilla Tee in its stead.  I appreciate its similarity to Deletta's Craft and Creation Top from last summer.  I tried on a small, and it fit wonderfully, but the flowery detailing was a bit too overwhelming, at least as a full-price purchase. This will stay on my wishlist until further notice.
 --btw: Has anyone tried on the Sidebent tee?

Whirligig Dress from Velvet in Orange
OK, I tried this dress on again. For the third time? I have a few events in the upcoming future, and a new job, that call for something like this. I really, really, really like this dress. I even wrote a review for the dress, and anthro used part of it in a promo (on facebook or in an email- I can't remember). I misspelled "classically" (as classicaly- whoops), but when I saw my description again in that context I almost became convinced that the dress was perfect for me!

But look what happened for a second time!
Again? This Whirligig Dress has a mis-formed sleeve. If I buy this dress, I think I will do so in a store and not online
No sleeve! No thanks! If I buy this dress, it will not be online!

St. Louis (St. Louis Galleria)

From H&M. I'm not crazy about the fabric but I love the print, color, and fit.
While I was in St. Louis, I also made a stop in H&M and almost bought this top. I wasn't sure if it was professional enough for my new job (I know, I am being elusive! Details in August).

Quilted Pastiche Maxi from Maple by Some Odd Rubies
This lovely dress, unfortunately, was too short for me. And, unfortunately, I could find no zipper on the dress- which made for an awkward try-on with a not-so-lovely frizzy hair effect. I adore the color of the dress, but unless it becomes available in a tall size, it is not a dress destined for my wardrobe. Also, I don't know where I would wear this dress. Ideas?

Cirque A-Line from Porridge
Finally, I tried on Porridge's Cirque A-Line dress. Last week I was desperately looking for something to wear to a bridal shower with a bumble-bee theme (cute!) where attendees (that's me) were asked to wear yellow and/or black. Since I don't wear these colors very often, I was a woman on a mission during this anthro visit.  While yellow and black are fun colors, I did not find many items of clothing at my St. Louis Mall featuring this combo- except this dress. 
I tried on a 4 in this dress, which fit fabulously except for one major detail. . . it was much too low cut for my taste! Has anyone experienced any similar dilemmas when trying on this dress?

Thanks for reading!

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