Saturday, July 9, 2011

Key Lime Pie?

Hello Readers,

As promised in the last post, this post will feature a pair of white pants that I purchased at the Chicago Ave. Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago (for just under 20 dollars!) I wasn't familiar with the style, and had a difficult time finding them until I looked on the EU Anthropologie site where I found them.

White pants are wonderful, but frightening things. It takes a brave soul to wear white pants because (1) they are not ultra flattering and (2) they are magnets for dirt.  These were not my first pair of white pants but they are my first pair of cropped pants- which also happen to be white.  Last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, I triumphed over the trials of white pants!  I didn't take a picture of last Sunday's outfit, but here is one from the Sunday before. Wearing this outfit made me think of Key Lime pie and Florida.

The week leading up to this outfit was a stressful one that included a career-altering decision. I was, and still am, confident in this decision.  I don't regret making this decision, but making the decision was difficult nonetheless.  All of this to say that I needed to wear something that would lift me up with the optimism of a bright future! The details are still a bit blurry, but I am confident that whatever is next will be an adventure!

Bright Green Draped Blouse- Anthropologie (from the Schaumburg store's sale rack)
White Sateen Crops- Anthropologie (available here in black)
Grey Pumps with White Bows ("Situation")- Jeffrey Allen (currently in Nordstrom's sale section here)

Key Lime Pie?
My photographer for this outfit was my lovely Mom! She is a woman of impeccable style and natural beauty- so, naturally, I invited her to be my model! That day, she was wearing an outfit that I think expresses her style well- classic, timeless, and comfortable (and machine-washable!). She often wears navy blue- and I captured a lot of this in her outfit! Besides her warm smile, I think my favorite part of the outfit are her trousers- she is styling!

Navy Blue and White Striped Button-Up Shirt: Ralph Lauren (Bergner's)
Navy Blue Trousers with Gold Buttons: Ralph Lauren (Bergner's)
White Under Shirt- Macy's,
Brown and Gold Sandals- Cole Haans

Isn't she lovely?

My mom is beautiful!

Photographs of me, courtesy of my Mom. Tree courtesy of Grandview Drive.

Thanks for reading!

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