Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fitting Room Dress Reviews: 05/5/2011

Happy Saturday Readers!

On Wednesday, I went into Anthropologie to return a sweater that I bought during the Spring event last month. It was a lovely cardigan, but I have so many cardigans right now, and it really didn't make any sense to buy another right before summer.

While I was in Anthropologie, I decided to try on a few things that caught my eye online and happened to be in the store.  Here they are:

Nouveau Rose Skirt
Side Angle

 I absolutely loved this skirt!  The color, the print, the cut, the draping- absolutely wonderful!  My only hesitation in purchasing the skirt (besides my dwindling budget) is that it made me look wider than I am from the back.  The front was flattering, but the draping in the back accentuated my rear and hips (which actually made my legs look smaller).  Maybe I will purchase this skirt when it moves to the sale section.
Level 99 Lily Straight Leg
Let's just say that these pants run small.  Usually I wear a 28/29 in skinny pants, and these were a 28 and they were tight.  I could still zip the zipper, but the fabric of these pants were thin enough that they looked like leggings (which I do not like).  Maybe a larger size would look better? The pants are cute, but if you are going to try them on or buy them, I recommend going up a size.

Expanding Horizons Tank- Deletta
Deletta = Delightful. That equation rings true with the Expanding Horizons tank.  I tried on my usual S, which was a bit snug, but flattering nonetheless.  The V of the neck runs a bit low, so it would be a good idea to layer this tank with a cami or another tank.

Loosened Shelby Blouse- Porridge
I was not impressed with this blouse on me.  It is a beautiful blouse, but it just didn't suit me.  I wasn't sure if I should tie the hanging ribbons of fabric or leave them hanging.  It is cute, and I think that styled properly it would look better, but for me it wasn't quite my style.  But. . . if you are considering this blouse it is definitely worth a try!

Reflecting Pool Dress- Moulinette Soeurs
If I lived near the ocean, or was going on vacation anytime soon, this dress would be a great pick! It is lightweight, breezy, and colorful.  The print of this dress reminds me of a watercolor painting, a trait that adds to its breezy feel- but it was so lightweight that it almost felt like a slip.  If I lived in a warmer climate, this dress would be wonderful, but for the climate in which I currently reside, this dress felt a bit bare. Sizewise, I found that the dress ran a bit small. Usually I take a 4 in dresses from Anthropologie, which is what I tried on in the photo, but I think a 6 would have been more comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews! Let me know if you have any questions!
(PS- When I returned the cardigan, I found something that I've been looking for for a great price- more details on Sunday!)


  1. i love the flowery blouse!!! i know that it may be a little more me than you....but i think it does look great on you from that photo for the record!! definitely love the skirt from the first. this makes me want to go shopping.

  2. Thanks Emily! I must admit- I thought of you when I tried on this blouse! You should go for it!