Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wearing the Colors of the Wind

Hello Readers!

Yesterday I made a bold move.  Usually, when picking out an outfit I will stick to neutrals with maybe one pop of color in the outfit, but yesterday I wore more than one non-neutral color, I wore 3.  Mint green, turquoise, and copper.  The color combination made me think of the song Colors of the Wind from the movie Pocahontas. . . Anyways, here is the outfit:

Outside of my lovely office

This sudden burst of color was inspired by one of my friend's suggestions that I incorporate more color into my wardrobe (thanks Jasmine!) The result of this change?  Well, in addition to feeling bright and cheery on a Wednesday, I received compliments from several of my students and friends at school.  Also, when I went to the mall to pick up a few things for my mom I received a few compliments from employees at a few stores!

Just for fun, here are a few more photos of my colorful outfit:

Apparently I still have problems locking my office door. . . 

There we go!

I will miss this office after graduation!

Thank you for your advice Jasmine!

Retail Details:
Mint Green Scarf: A kiosk in Chinatown (NYC)
Turquoise 3/4 Cardigan: Zara (purchased in Madrid in spring 2008)
Enchanted Eyes Beaded Leather Belt: Anthropologie
Brownish-Grey Lace Skirt: 1960s Vintage, purchased online from a seller in Scotland
Copper Scallop-Patterned Tights: Anthropologie
Beige and Off-White Spectators: Seychelles
Patterned Wallet: Vera Bradley

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