Monday, May 2, 2011

Trends I Will Not Try: The Undergrad Uniform

Hello Readers,

Oh dear.  The trend I tackle tonight is one that I'm sure we are all familiar with.  I first remember seeing this trend on the campus of SLU Madrid (worn by American students) in the spring semester of 2008.

What is this trend?  With the exception of one ingredient, the elements of this trend (alone) are harmless but combined they are a disaster. Why do I call this the undergrad uniform?  Because I have seen it on campuses everywhere: Madrid, St. Louis, Greenville, Milwaukee, Peoria, Chicago, and even across facebook. Do you know what I am talking about now?

Need a hint? Here are the ingredients:

from NorthFace's website- the Denali Jacket

Black Leggings from Banana Republic
Black UGG Tall Boots
I own a similar NorthFace jacket, and I love it.  I also own a pair of black leggings (the very same style pictured above from BR).  I do not, nor have I ever, owned a pair of UGGs but I try to understand their original function and current appeal.  

I am not the first person to notice the disaster that the combination of these elements create.  Last summer, I learned of UIUC No Pants- a blog that posts reader-submitted photos of wearers of this perfect storm of the uggleggingface affliction across the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois.

My favorite post, "The NoPants Trifecta," captures my similar loathing of the trend of interest for this post.  If you feel the same way about The NoPants Trifecta (North Face jacket with leggings and UGGs), I highly recommend this blog and most especially this post.  

So. . . Readers, what do you think?  Are you an offender? Do you know an offender?  What do you think about The NoPants Trifecta/uggleggingface affliction?


  1. hahah! I saw the title of this post and instantly knew what you were talking about! I'm with you, and I actually own all of these items (Uggs included. we get a lot of snow here, okay?!) But never combine them!

    And I especially never wear leggings as pant substitutes. That's just not okay. haha

    Sabrina Says

  2. I agree, leggings as pant substitutes is not okay! And I applaud your appropriate use of Uggs!

  3. Love this post Laura!! I wonder how this trend got started??