Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews

Hey Readers!

I apologize for my absence on this blog lately.  The past two (or maybe few?) weeks have been so busy with the oral defense of my comprehensive exam, finishing final papers, grading final exams, getting ready to graduate, and packing up the majority of my apartment.

Anyways. . . in the midst of this craziness I was able to make it into Anthropologie (of course!) Here are a few of the things that I tried on:

Across the Land Dress by Maple
Across the Land Dress (Maple):
I love the seafoam green and polka dots of this dress but its fit didn't quite suit me.  There was too much fabric and I wasn't too fond of the cross-over neckline.  I think the dress would have been better (for me) if it had a v-neck instead of a modified sheath neckline.  Overall, I thought the dress was well-constructed, but not for me.

Chartreuse Shoots Dress by Moulinette Soeurs 
This dress wowed me online, but in the store I found its neckline to be a bit too high and the hue of dress resembled something closer to the color of a highlighter.  I appreciated the tie at the waist, but it was placed too high on the dress for my torso. Maybe it would work better for girls with shorter torsos?
Quechua Dress by We Love Vera
This was a graduation dress contender but it did not make it to the stage on Friday.  I stalked this dress online, and eventually tried it on in the store but it was a disappointment for me.  The amount of fabric was overwhelming, the top of the dress was way too roomy and I wasn't impressed with the quality of the fabric. The only winning quality of the dress, for me, was the beautiful black and white print.

Name of dress unknown
I really wanted to like this dress: it is navy blue and it has a ribbon-tie waist.  But this dress just didn't impress.  The fit of the dress was very loose- but not in an intentional easy-breezy sort of way. It looked sloppy and I felt like I looked 10 lbs heavier while wearing this dress. No thanks!

Whirligig Dress by Velvet available here
I absolutely love this dress- the raspberry color, the romantic draping, the soft jersey, it's overall feel.  I took a size S in this dress and it fit wonderfully.  My only complaint is that the hem was a bit too short for my height (it hit my leg at an odd spot).  I really like this dress, but I think I'll wait for a sale.

My friend Mary came with me on one of my recent visits to my local store and she tried on this outfit- which looks stunning! She is wearing the Deletta Expanding Horizons Tank in Navy Blue and a skirt from the sale rack whose name I forgot.  This skirt will be perfect for her internship this summer in Florida!

Looking good Mary!

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