Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wisdom Teeth DisAssembly Line

Hello Readers!

I probably won't post any new outfits for at least the rest of the week, because I had two of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I look quite atrocious! My mom said that the swelling isn't too terrible, but I think that is what moms are supposed to say to their daughters after the trauma that is wisdom teeth extraction.

The experience began in a slightly depressing waiting room with my mom- surrounded by a few other moms and daughters- even one from the same town as us! After a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries, and waiting in uncomfortable chairs (for how expensive the surgery is- you think the office could afford some decent chairs/couches!), my time came.

While I am by no means a medical professional, I think that it is important to listen to your body. In this case, I had two wisdom teeth that were impacted (and growing into my jaw), and two that had already erupted. My dentist recommended that I do what was right for me, but that I should consult the surgeon about my decision to only have the impacted teeth extracted. When I spoke to the surgeon, he said "well, that's pretty stupid- but it's your choice."

Hold on- that's all? Shouldn't he talk to me a bit more? Apparently not, because that was all that he said. Aside from the time that he was hammering out my teeth, that was the only time that I saw the surgeon. The whole experience made me feel like I was just a part on an assembly line:
-Wait in the office for 20 minutes
-Allow 5 minutes for anesthesia to set in (no time for questions or concerns, or instructions)
-Perform surgery
-Shove patient's throbbing face and mouth into an x-ray (and say rude things)
-Allow 5 minutes in the common recovery room (no time for questions or concerns here either, even if the patient is shaking and crying uncontrollably from the pain)
-Rush patient out of the office

*I should add, also, that it was snowing when I left the surgeon's office, and that I was not permitted to leave the office in a wheelchair. Instead, I left the office leaning heavily on my mom while treading upon a slippery sidewalk. Thanks a lot Dr. Assembly Line! If I ever decide to get my other two wisdom teeth removed, rest assured that you will be last on my list of preferred surgeons!

Thankfully, my post op recovery at home has been much better than the 5 minute "recovery" time I was given at the surgeon's office. Thank you Mom!!!

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  1. I am glad you are home recovering but I am not pleased by the treatment you received. Have your Aunt Shelly write a complaint letter!
    Take care dear one. I thank God you have a wonderful Mother.