Monday, December 6, 2010

Emily the Smart and Stylish!

Why hello readers! Happy December!

I would like to introduce you to my friend, fellow grad student/TA, and office mate, Emily. She is very stylish, super smart, a great listener, and she is a blessing to me, and to many, in so many awesome ways!

Emily also attended the conference that I blogged about in earlier posts (for the National Communication Association's annual meeting, this year in San Francisco), and packed a suitcase full of cute outfits. Emily was gracious enough to strike a pose for me in one of my favorite outfits from this trip, and I am so glad to feature it in tonight's post!

So. . . without further adieu- here is her outfit!

Retail Details:
Stunning Locket: a present from her 21st birthday, from her mom
Dark Grey/Navy Jacket: Old Navy
Brown Cross-Body Purse: The Garage (a Montreal-based store that Emily purchased while in Buffalo, NY)
Maroon and White Top: Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's
Black Knit Jodhpur Pants: LC for Kohl's (Lauren Conrad)
Maroon Mary Jane Pumps: Merona for Target

Thanks Emily, for the inspirational outfit!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! My inspiration was eclectic San Francisco, combined with jet lag and travel weariness (which is why I needed to be comfortable). I will always remember that hallway of doors and how we used to frequently get stuck depending on which ones were open. I had a great time in San Francisco with you! I am grateful to have you as a friend and office-mate!