Monday, October 10, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: October

Hello Readers,

Nowadays I live further away from the city than I once did- a change that also increases my distance from the closest mall and perhaps an increase in the amount of money I save each month. This also means that I've been trying on less clothing than usual. . . but I finally have a few items to review! The first is from Banana Republic and the next four are from Anthropologie. Enjoy!

Black Wool Sheath Dress from Banana Republic from the Mad Men Collection
When I first heard about Banana Republic's Mad Men collection, I was elated- but when I finally saw the collection in person, I was disappointed with most of the collection with the exception of a couple of items, including this dress. It is a wool-linen blend with a fabric and fit that is true to clothing from the Mad Men era. This dress reminded me of something Joan, from Mad Men, would wear.

The fit was a bit too snug in my usual 4 at BR, but the 6 fit like a charm. What I love most about this dress is the lace that peeks out from the hem and neckline of the dress- very delightful and oh-so-feminine! This dress is hard to find- but worth the search if you are looking for the perfect Little Black Dress.

Dog Rose Pullover by Knitted & Knotted in Ivory
This sweater is adorable- the crocheted neckline and puffy sleeves are so sweet! Unfortunately, this sweater has a shorter torso than I expected and it looked absolutely ridiculous on this long-torso wearer. Otherwise, the sweater was lovely- but even a larger size wasn't long enough for me.

Trifecta Tee by Postmark in Navy
The Trifecta Tee was even more stunning in person than it was online! I tried on a small and a medium and found the small to be the best fit in length and width. This is a top, in my opinion, that you need to try on before buying (or order two sizes). If it is too small or too large the lace yolk/runner that runs down the center of the blouse looks very awkward- but if you are able to find the right fit it is divine! This is currently on my wishlist for fall.

Ruffled Shell by Lil in Red
This little lacey shell was lovely but unfortunately it was a bit too short for me. I wish Anthro carried tall sizes! This top would be really cute with a cardigan or a blazer- but not a contender for me because of its length (or lack thereof).
Renewed Folds Pullover in Brown by Odonate Epiprocta
I actually purchased this top, I was so in love with it, but a few hours after I put the shirt on I noticed a small hole in the front. The top I tried on had a loose string so I grabbed another one from the rack without inspecting it- I didn't see the hole. When I am near an Anthro store again I hope to exchange my shirt for a new one- sans the hole.

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