Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Neath Fair Skies of Blue: Homecoming

Hello Readers!

 Last week was my alma mater's homecoming. The great thing about homecoming this year was that I work at my alma mater now! So I didn't need to go anywhere to see anyone- everyone came to see me (and the school, of course!)

I only participated in the homecoming events on Friday, which included the college's first homecoming parade (or so I hear), reunions with friends from "back in the day," and a pep rally. I felt very school-spirited! Here are a few highlights of the festivities, enjoy!

The parade:
Emily (a new friend and fellow college employee), Annie (my friend and former RA,), me, and Pam (a friend and fellow alum)

The start of the parade

The president of the college

The President seems also very school-spirited

One of the student floats

The cheerleaders (a few of my students are there!)

Children running into the street for candy. . .  maybe not the safest idea?

A friendly farmer?

Another friendly farmer

Part of the baseball team 
Miss Bond County- I know her! :)

A parade float featuring JFK

There were quite a few comments in the peanut gallery about JFK and parades....
 The pep rally:

Hooray Volleyball Team! I believe they won the float competition.