Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit of The Day: Red Belt- Transitioning from Intention to Action

Hello Readers,

In the process of moving, unpacking, and then moving and unpacking again, I thought that I lost my camera's USB cable, but today I was reunited with the cable and finally I could upload one of my outfits from last week.  The picture is a bit dark, and the mess in the background is rather telling of the mess that was in my apartment.

Last week, I wore a dress every day that I was in the classroom, and Wednesday's outfit is the one I am most proud of- because I tried something different. I wore a RED belt. What?

Yes, I wore a red. Not only red- a red belt. This red suede belt was a gift from my mom, and I believe she wore it in the early 90s or late 80s? It's an item in my wardrobe that I intend to wear more than I actually do- but last Wednesday I turned intention into action and combined it with my Mompos Dress, a black cardigan from Zara, black opaque tights, and black leather heels from Banana Republic (not pictured above).

I think I may try to work this belt into my outfits more often in the future. . .

Retail Details:
Black Flowery Headband: J. Crew
Black Leather Bracelet: AG Jeans (a gift from the manager of the St. Louis store after my store review)
Blue and White Mompos Dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese from Anthropologie
Black Cardigan: Zara
Black Opaque Tights: Hue
Red Suede Belt: My Mom's Closet

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