Monday, October 17, 2011

Make New Friends and Keep the Old. . .

Dear Readers,

Me with "old" friends Maura and Corinne
I'm not sure how many of you were involved in Brownies or Girl Scouts. . . but if you were you may recognize the title of this post from a song often sung in those clubs. I was only a Brownie for a few short years, but the song rings as true and as clear in my memory as it did during my years in Troop 1148.

Another set of memories that still ring true and clear to me today are my memories of being a student at my alma mater. In a way, I recently was able to relive those memories in front of the freshman girls residence hall with two friends from college (Maura and Corinne) AND a new friend (Lorna) after drinking coffee and eating cinnamon rolls at the campus coffee shop with another new friend (Amanda)!

"Make new friends and keep the old"- check!

Here are a few photos that celebrate the old and the new

Me with Lorna, one of my "new" friends

I think I was losing my balance in this one. . . 
There we go!
Hair in face! 
(My) Retail Details:
Pearl Trio Bobby Pin: Anthropologie
Beneath the Surface Shell: Moulinette Soeurs from ANthropologie
Pink Cardigan: Anthropologie
Olive Green Stevie Cords: AG from Anthropologie
Hot Pink Metallic Shoes: Jessica Simpson from Bergner's
Green Jeweled Belt: Talbots (via my Mom)

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