Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine and LEGS!: Outfit of the Day 22/01/2012

Hey Readers,

Remember how I said that my latest adventure in exercise was already yielding results? I have a picture from Sunday with the proof- my legs! Check it out!

Ow ow!

I purchased a new pair of tights on clearance at Macy's on Saturday and, while I was enthusiastic about their texture, I was nervous about how they would look. Sometimes textured tights are not as flattering as I hope they will be. Especially sheer textured tights. 

The diagonal stripes (almost like corduroys!) worked to my advantage, especially with this outfit. They showed off the tone of my legs and added just a bit more interest to an almost monochromatic outfit narrative. Going with the theme of texture, I added another neutral color with a charcoal snakeskin print as well as a grey beaded belt.

Diagonal stripes and snakeskin print- bold neutrals!
I really like how this outfit came together, as well as the progress I am already seeing in my cardio initiatives. Healthy, stylish me- here I come!

Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine: A combo Stacy and Clinton would be proud of!
Retail Details:

Beige Embroidered Pearl-Trim Sweater- Banana Republic
Tan Lingering Rays Skirt- Anthropologie
Enchanting Eyes Beaded Belt- Anthropologie
Navy Blue Diagonal Stripe Tights- Hue (via Macy's)
Charcoal Snakeskin Print Pumps- Cole Haan (via Nordstrom Rack)

Thanks for reading!

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