Friday, January 20, 2012

Grinch: The Grossest Green

Hello Readers,

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I tend to wear neutrals. A lot of neutrals. This doesn't mean that I don't like wearing colors... in fact, I actually love wearing colors like green, aqua, blue, pink, purple, and occasionally red. There is one color, however, that I do not enjoy. I don't like wearing it and I don't like seeing it in my favorite stores. It's a color that falls somewhere in between yellow and green. It looks good on only a handful of people.

What is this color?

dum dum dum.... GRINCH GREEN!

The lightest hues of this color family are what offend my eyes most and I was shocked to find examples from stores I frequent: Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Abercrombie & Fitch. 

Here are a few offenders:

The Orchard House Cardigan

Cute design... but the color! Oh my eyes! Avert!

Twice-Topped Cardi

This color looks like it is made of Grinch hair

Borrowed Zen Blouse

Golden Grinch Gross. Like Grinch highlights

Dantela Corset Top

Oh how I wish this was a different color. 

Banana Republic:

Jewel Button Cardigan

Lightweight Ruffle-Sleeve Cardigan

Old Navy: 

Popcorn Sweater-Knit Beret

Abercrombie & Fitch:


I even found a possible misdemeanor in my own wardrobe:

In my defense, this is more of a grass-green IRL

So Readers... What do you think? Does Grinch Green offend you? Have you spotted it anywhere recently? Or, is there another color that offends you?

Thanks for reading!


  1. i'm also fashion offended. save green for trees and grass. blech.

  2. I like to call it baby poo poo yellow, or puke green. Ha,ha. With my penchant for purchasing things I like in multiple colors, I actually considered the Renewed Folds Pullover in Moss during the 50% off promo., but that shade just looks horrible with my coloring. I have the same issue with mustard color tops which is a shame because I love that color.

    Anyway, I completely agree. I don't own any green shirts or dresses besides shades of blue/green such as teal, or turquoise. The exceptions are an army green jacket and the D'Armee dress. I think Kelly green or Emerald green would look fine on me, but I just never seem to pick out things that are green. I have no idea what I've got against green. :)

  3. Oh Green! Green is so tricky! Maybe it's one of those colors like mustard yellow that will always frustrate/intrigue us?