Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow and a Snow Dog

Hello Readers,

Is it really Sunday already?

My week, while relaxing, was quite boring. It consisted of a few visits to the gym to spend time on the elliptical, the track (walking briskly), and the pool. I also spent time at thirtythirty coffee, working on syllabi, pinning things on Pinterest, and watching The Twilight Zone and Four Weddings.

Overachiever? Yes, I know... but I'm technically still on vacation and I forgot to add two ever-consuming activities: watching Sophie and searching for jobs.

While watching Sophie I captured a few shots that I'd like to share with you all. You will notice that she has snow on her nose in almost every photo. This is because she loves snow. She loves to run around in it, sit in it, and she especially loves eating it. Enjoy the photos!

Come out and play!
Snow Dog!
Sprint! Mush!

Let's go inside!
What a fun day!

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