Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Highlights: Birthday Week

Hello Readers,

As you may know, last week was my birthday. Last Wednesday to be exact. Since my birthday was in the middle of the week, the celebration seemed to last a few days longer than usual. Here are a few of the highlights:

Wednesday: Oh Brother, It's my Birthday
My actual birthday started with a bit of a bump in the road. My mom made, for me (the birthday girl) birthday pancakes. Isn't that sweet? Well, one of my brothers came across the pancakes and ate them before I woke up, thinking that they were free for the taking. When I discovered the aftermath of this deed- I blew up. Like "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" blowing up.
I was going to wear corduroys and a cardigan... but after blowing my fuse I decided that a more feminine outfit was needed to turn the day around.

Recognize this dress? Spinning Lace is correct! And yes, I wore it to the DMV.
My mom and I went to the DMV in Peoria to get a new license for me. Thankfully, it was not busy, and thankfully the picture they took of me turned out well! I had to take a written test, which I didn't expect, but still passed with flying colors. We made a quick stop at Kroger and then my mom treated me to lunch at Great Harvest Bread Co. followed by an-almost-forgotten stop at LeBakery in the Metro Centre for my birthday cake! Then, I took a nap.

Yum! LeBakery makes the best cakes in Peoria! (well, besides my aunt!)
After a wonderful nap, my dad and I went on a point-and-shoot camera excursion and then went to Basta O'Neal's for dinner. After great conversation and a very delicious dinner we headed back to the homestead for cake and singing. What a day!

What a sunset!
Garnet Red!
Thursday: Lunch and Laughter
The highlight of this day was meeting with my friend Nikki for lunch at Panera to catch up on life and to celebrate our birthdays, which are only 5 days apart! The Panera we went to was super busy, as always, but we were able to find an almost quiet table where we swapped stories, laughed, and ate very tasty food.

Friday: Birthday Sleepover!
I spent most of the day cleaning my room and the basement. Yes. Why? To prepare for the arrival of two of my friends from Greenville- Lorna and Amanda! They drove all the way from Greenville to Peoria to celebrate my birthday! We went Krogering for Turkey Hill icecream and returned home for a few rounds of Mad Libs, walking around the house in our PJs and Snuggies, multiple servings of laughter, and a few helpings of somewhat deep conversation (well, pretty deep for after 2AM!)

Before my friends arrived, Sophie tried on my cardigan

As you can tell, she really liked wearing the cardigan!
Saturday: Coffee and Conversation
This day began with a warm and delicious breakfast prepared by my mom, followed by the Turkey Hill icecream purchased the night before during the late-night Kroger run. After playing with Sophie (my parent's dog) we went to ThirtyThirty Coffee (an excellent coffee shop in downtown Peoria) where the three of us hung out for a few hours before my friends headed back to Greenville.
Later that evening, my dad and I saw Stephen Spielberg's War Horse which was quite good but also quite lengthy!

Lorna stealing coffee from the Jumer's bear at thirtythirty
Amanda almost being eaten by the bear!

Sunday began with church at Imago Dei and ended with a birthday party in my honor! Another party? Yes! This celebration took place at my Grandparents' house and included family, a butterfly birthday cake, perfect brownies, group singing on key (this is difficult when you have a large group of people singing at the same time!), and stories from my Grandpa.

Here are a few highlights of the night:

The cake
Lights, Camera, Action!

Listening to the sweet melody of the birthday song
Blowing out the candles!
Nothing too birthday-ish happened on Monday, but I redeemed a birthday present at the Riverplex: a one-month membership! I swam for nearly an hour for the first time in maybe a month. It was wonderful.

A box of delicious joy
Just when I thought that my birthday celebration was over... a package addressed to me arrived on my doorstop! My dear friend Kellie sent me a box of chocolates from the UK and Ireland. I love Cadbury and Maltesers are probably my favorite chocolate in the world. Happy extended birthday to me!


  1. i can't decide what i like more... sunsets or chocolate. oh wait, i can. but your sunset is very lovely.

  2. Thank you! Sunsets and chocolate together?

  3. winter sunsets and hot cocoa are the best together!