Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippity Hop It- I Beat Bop It!

Hello Readers,

Remember Bop It?  That loud game that commanded you to "bop it" "twist it" and "pull it" until it would outlast you with its obnoxious speed?  Well, yesterday I outlasted the Bop It.

The Bop It resurfaced yesterday in my parents' living room.  I approached it, twisted it, and found that it was alive again! (Well, someone put batteries in it).  Charged with a sugar-high, courtesy of my Easter basket, I decided to take on . . . (dum dum dummmm) THE BOP IT.

I set the Bop It to the single user setting and began my duel.  In my dress and heels (from church), I danced around the living room to the Bop It beat until finally it gave up.  The beat stopped, and a strange assortment of happy sounds blasted from the Bop It's tiny speakers.  While this song was unfamiliar to me (I've never beaten the Bop It), I recognized the song as a sign of my victory.  At the age of 25- I beat Bop It.

Here are a few pictures of my Easter Sunday outfit:

My mom and I before Church
That's right- I beat Bop It

Retail Details: 
Aqua Cardigan- Martin + Osa
Spinning Lace Dress- Plenty by Tracy Reese (Anthropologie)
Beaded Leather Belt (worn backwards): Anthropologie
Copper Tights: Anthropologie
Neutral Snakeskin Pumps: Calvin Klein

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