Monday, April 18, 2011

Milwaukee 2.0- Day 2 and Day 3

Hello Readers!

I can't believe that I was in Milwaukee over a week ago! After the whirlwind events of Friday, Saturday was a bit more tame.  I went to 4 panels (the first was at 8 AM), ate lunch at the hotel, and then prepared for something fun.  The conference had a talent showcase on Saturday night and I contributed to the showcase with a song!  As a part of my warm up, I had to do this:


 That's right.  I jumped on my bed.  And documented my wild antics. Sorry Mom and Dad- I had to.  And it was so much fun!  I can't remember the last time I did this- maybe in middle school?

After jumping on the bed and (actually) rehearsing my song, "Leaving on a Jet Plane," Deanne, me, and my guitar walked over to the conference hotel and met up with the other two girls from school who also attended the conference (Margaret and Megan).  Before the talent showcase began, the DJ started the night off with a few dance songs.  I didn't join in until after the talent showcase ( I was too nervous), but I couldn't resist capturing some of the festivities:

Communication scholars getting their groove on
 When the time came for me to sing my song, I took my guitar out of the case and felt confident.  Oddly, I wasn't nervous, even when I found out that there wasn't a mic stand (which is unfortunate when you are playing the guitar and singing), but Deanne came to my rescue and volunteered to be my human mic stand AND sheet music stand!  I introduced myself, and my assistant, and began.  It went off without a hitch, and even by the first chorus of the song, people were waiving their cell phones and singing along! Whoo hoo!  When I finished the song, I felt like a rock star- or at least a folk rock star- and I had to resist the urge of yelling out "Thank you MILWAUKEEEEE!"  Instead I smiled, and walked off the stage.  It was wonderful.

After the talent showcase was complete, Deanne and I hit the dance floor.  Now, I am not a very skilled dancer (despite efforts to become one in grade school and middle school), but I was among scholars.  There were quite a few skilled dancers from a few communication departments, but for the most part, my youth and extroversion were to my advantage in the dancing department.  Especially for The Macarena.  Yes, the Macarena.

At the Talent Show/Dance/Karaoke Extravaganza
Sunday, the final day of the conference, was much more relaxed than Days 2 and 3.  Deanne and I slept in and packed our bags in leisure.  What's the point of staying in a hotel if you can't enjoy its luxuries?  Here are a few pictures of our room:

Deanne pondering in the window-side chair and ottoman in the room.
Deanne's bed
My bed- a mess! 
 On our way back to St. Louis, Deanne and I stopped at an outlet near the border of Wisconsin and Illinois.  Among the stores in the outlet was an Ann Taylor Outlet.  As excited as I was to be there, I was able to stick to my budget and restrain myself.  I found a skirt that I fell in love with at the Ann Taylor Outlet store, but it was just a bit too tight in the 4 and too loose in the 6- so it went back on the sales floor.  But, before I put it back, I had to take a picture of the skirt.

Isn't it lovely?
All in all, my trip to Wisconsin was a success.  I networked with scholars in my field, sat in interesting panels, danced my heart out, and connected with some awesome friends from my graduate program.  What a weekend!

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