Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milwaukee 2.0- Day 1

Hello Readers!

Life has been, or shall I say, continues to be, busy.  Two weeks ago I took my comprehensive exams for my Master's program, then last weekend I went to Milwaukee for a communication conference. Busy busy!

I love dressing for cool weather, and I was in luck last weekend in Milwaukee!  On Friday and Saturday the weather was in the 40s and 50s, and I reveled in the opportunity to wear my trench coat and layers.  

I also had another opportunity- I was able to meet up with my bff from undergrad!  Jessica (my bff from undergrad), my friend Deanne (who was also going to the conference), and I grabbed lunch at Panera.  The place where Jessica works was on the way to Milwaukee, so I couldn't pass up grabbing lunch with her!  It was such a delight to catch up with her, and I enjoyed introducing my friend from undergrad to my friend from grad school!


After lunch, Deanne and I made our way into Milwaukee, checked into our hotel, checked into the conference and then went to the historic Third Ward of Milwaukee (which is charming) and stopped by the Anthropologie located in this sweet location.  This Anthropologie was HUGE!  I didn't buy anything, but I was amazed at the selection of items at this store!  But, I held off on purchasing anything in anticipation of the upcoming fashion showcase at my St. Louis store.

For dinner, Deanne, one of her friends, and I went to dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant, The King and I.  Almost exactly two years ago, I ate at The King and I when I attended the 2009 Wisconsin State Bar Annual Convention for my old job.  The restaurant wowed me two years ago, and it wowed me again! If you are ever in Milwaukee, and you have a hankering for Thai- The King and I is a great place to dine!

After dinner the three of us went on an excursion to Waukesha for gelato at Paciugo.  The gelateria is situated at a mall, which made it look like a boring ice cream place at first glance. (Paciugo is a chain store, but don't hold that against their delicious gelato!) Being a bit of an ice cream snob, I wasn't sure if I would like this place but I was wrong!  Paciugo was amazing! They had a unique selection of flavors that included varieties like chocolate coconut curry, acai sorbet, chocolate extra virgin olive oil, and chocolate orange saffron.  The flavors I settled on where rose and violet.  I fell in love with the violet gelato. What was it like? Imagine everything delicious about vanilla gelato and infuse it with the light decadence of violet pastille candies.  Here are a few shots of me with my new favorite flavor of gelato- Violet!

Again- YUM!
You betcha!

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