Monday, March 21, 2011

AG Gift Card Winner. . . (And More Love for StL)

And our winner is. . .

Michelle!!! Her favorite place in St. Louis is the Zoo on a cold day, sans crowds- how smart!  I believe there are still a few opportunities to visit the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park on a cold day before Spring weather is in full bloom.

Other mentions in the entries included: Forest Park (which is bigger than Central Park), the main quad on the campus of Washington University, Big Bang (piano bar), Dewey's Pizza (delicious!), a middle school, and the Missouri Botanical Garden- all wonderful places!

 Where are my favorite St. Louis places?  Well there are many, but these are just a couple:

The Botanical Gardens (also Hannah's favorite!):
I love these glass bulbs at the Gardens!

Waterfalls are wonderful!
 Forest Park:
The Basin (at the foot of Art Hill)- there is something about this spot that is so tranquil and calming.

Congratulations Michelle!!!

*Upcoming posts: St. Patrick's Day outfit, Rent The Runway dress

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