Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow Me. . .And Win! (Another Giveaway)

Welcome to March Readers!

It's time for another giveaway! Like last time, I will be giving away something that smells wonderful, and does wonders for dry hands.

Recently I did a product review for Lollia's Handcreme to share how much I love this product- and today I am giving you an opportunity to win a Lollia Handcreme- that's how much I love it. I will be giving away a "petite-treat" container of the "In Love" scent from this line of handcremes.

In Love is the perfect scent for spring: it is light, fresh, sweet, and feminine. According to the Lollia website, it's key ingredients are "A modern interpretation of a sheer romantic floral with delicate infusions of Apple Blosson kissed sweetly by Jasmine, floating upon the breath of the truest Living Rose." I agree.

SO. . . how do you win this lovely petite treat? This giveaway is a bit different than the last giveaway, in that one of the requirements is to be a follower of this blog. If you already are a follower, great! If you are not, no worries- there is still time!

Once you are a follower, leave a comment for this post with your email address and one of your favorite flowers. It can be a flower you favor for its scent, appearance, meaning- whatever, as long as it is a flower that you like. This contest will close next Monday at 5PM Central Standard Time. Like last time, I will randomly pick a winner, contact them, and send this item in the mail.

Let's review, to enter this contest you will need to:
1) Follow this blog (thanks!)
2) Leave a comment with your email address and the name of your favorite flower

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a terrific Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Hey Laura! This is Anna (jones453@marshall.edu), and I've been ever-so-quietly (or, creepily, if you prefer) following your blog and checking out your beautiful outfit inspirations. This handcreme looks lovely. My favorite flower is a toss-up between the tulip and the hydrangea.

  2. Hey kindred spirit! My favorite flower is hands-down the Queen Elizabeth hybrid rose. intlmichelle@gmail.com

  3. Hi Laura :) My email is kuchikomide@hotmail.com and my ultimate, favorite flower is the siale Tonga , better known as a version of the gardenia.

  4. Hi Laura! My email is cmariestuart@gmail.com and my favorite flower is the amnesia rose. It's a dusty-rose color with green around the edges, and it was in my bouquet on my wedding day :)

  5. Greetings! My favorite flower...drum roll please ~~~
    Lilacs(like most of my Timber Ridge old cronies). email: tlbq77@yahoo.com
    f.y.i. I online ordered some of the other hand creme and sent it to Ariel as a late Valentine.
    hehehe. Thanks.

  6. rosato.giuliangela@gmail.com LOVES blue hydrangeas. cute post!

  7. You do love blue hydrangeas! I remember, very early in the first semester, that we saw these and you said something about soil acidity and batteries? Very nice!