Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspired by The Ocean (Yesterday's Outfit)

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Here in St. Louis, it's been rainy almost all day, and I think as a result of this weather I've been moving at a snail's pace all day. Oh well! According to the weatherman St. Louis is supposed to have a sunny day tomorrow! Hooray!

Anyways. . .
Yesterday I decided to pick an outfit that reflected my source of inspiration from Sunday: The Ocean. Since most of my wardrobe consists of ocean-y tones (blues, greens, and greys), this wasn't a major challenge, but I made intentional selections that reflected the aspects of the ocean that I find so inspirational (Color Palette, Movement, and Fun).

Here is what I came up with:

Color Palette: As you can see, the color palette of this outfit mimics many of the colors found in the ocean. My charcoal trousers (also featured here) and belt, and light grey cardigan are the same colors as many of the rocks and pebbles found at many of the beaches I used to frequent when I lived in Vancouver (Eagle Harbor Beach!). My two tank tops are the colors of the waves, and my gold shoes are like the color of the sun and those tiny glimmers of gold that touch the tops of waves on a sunny day.

Movement: I see this feature most prominently in the ruffles of my cardigan and the otherwise streamlined profile of the outfit. I also wore a locket with a long chain, so when I walked while wearing it it swayed to and fro.

Fun: The fun starts with the colors of this outfit. I love wearing these colors, and the confidence that comes from wearing these colors, in a way, give me an extra capacity for fun- which is essential for Mondays! The other part of the "fun" element of this outfit come from the ruffles on my shirt. They look a bit silly at times, but don't they just make you want to smile?

Do you have any ocean-inspired outfits? If you do, feel free to send a picture to me- I would love to feature your outfit on my blog!

Until next time. . . here are my Retail Details:

Light Grey Cardigan: Banana Republic
Green Laser-Cut Tank: American Eagle Outfitters
Mint-Green/Ocean-Mist Green Tank: Anthropologie (for 10 dollars last year!)
Dark Charcoal Wool Trousers: J.Crew
Gold Ballet Flats: American Eagle Outfitters
Silvertone Locket: American Eagle Outfitters
Charcoal Patent Belt: Ann Taylor (I LOVE this belt!)